Fall is for Fireplace Facts 

Fireplaces can be a great source of heat, but you need to make sure yours is working properly and efficiently in order to be able to heat your home safely. Home fires that stem from fireplaces and chimneys are more common than we would like to think. Ensuring your home and family are protected this fall and winter season is crucial. And not only now, but all year long. 

Annual Inspections

Making sure to have your chimney inspected every year by a professional is the first step.. When we inspect your chimney, we look for creosote, which is a black, oily substance that builds up on the walls of your chimney and is extremely flammable.  Because of this build up, there is a tremendous risk of combustion and is often a common result of home fires.

Chimney Cleaning/ Sweeping

If there is enough creosote built up, you will need to have your chimney professionally cleaned. When you go through a professional company like us, we always use specialized tools that allow us to remove all of the mess out of the chimney, while keeping it out of your home. If you try to DIY and do this job with a vacuum or another do it yourself remedy, you’ll often find a bigger mess in your living room than in the chimney. Plus, you won’t get the entire chimney very clean at all, and most of what is dangerous, the creosote, will stay.

Fireplace Cleaning

One thing you can do regularly is to clean out your fireplace or wood stove. Clean all of the ashes/dust regularly as well as the shredded papers. When you do this, make sure to get all of the bits with your vacuum or other methods. This will help reduce your risk of fire, and will keep the fire far less smoky. After all, isn’t the goal of a fire to produce heat and be comfortable? It wouldn’t be so comfortable with a lot of smoke!

Cap your Chimney

Having a cap be placed on the top of your chimney has its benefits. First, you’ll keep animals like birds and squirrels from making a home or nest chimney. Another benefit is keeping hydration and water out.  Lastly, when you cap your chimney, you don’t need to worry about debris or dust getting in. Leaves and other fallen items can make their way into your chimney, filling it up, and creating extra smoke throughout your house.

Use Common Sense

Don’t leave your fire unattended. Keep your children and pets away from it, and make sure that you have a door blocking the open flame

Following these tips should help you get through the winter safely while keeping your heating bill low! 

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