7 Signs Your Air Ducts Need a Cleaning

1.) Dust, Hair or Debris are Trapped Inside Supply Vents.

If you can clearly see any of these particles on or inside of your supply vents, there is most definitely an issue and they need to be cleaned ASAP. Once these unwanted particles are present, you can be sure that you have dirty air being circulated inside your home posing a threat to you and your family.

2.) Air Filter is Dirty or Dusty Shortly After You Change/Clean it.

Assuming you change or clean your air filter regularly, most people actually forget to maintain theirs sometimes for weeks or months. This will be apparent if or when you change/clean your filter and it goes right back to being dirty quickly. Being sure to replace your air filter often will prevent germs, mold and bacteria from floating around inside your home’s air.

3.) Air Flow is insufficient and Weak.

Testing your air vents to make sure they are producing proper air flow is the best way of checking to see if you may have debris stuck in there or possibly a blockage. If you happen to feel your air not blowing sufficiently, then you need to make arrangements for a professional to come in and clean them.

4.) Dust is Coated on Return Vents.

The difference between return vents versus supply vents is that they are the only vents in your home without levers to open and close. Supply vents allow you to open and close them. So, if your return vents are also covered in dust, debris or hair you need to have a scheduled cleaning by a professional.

5.) Mold Growth.

Are you starting to see signs of mold around the property? This can be a sign that there is too much moisture in the area. You will want to look at the root cause, which can be on the list of potential issues to resolve as a property owner. If you are dealing with any mold growth, you will want to take immediate action. The more you delay, the more you will see the mold spread throughout the space. It is best to solve this problem by removing the mold and cleaning the air ducts.

6.) Rodents & Insects

Insects can start spreading throughout the property because of the dirty vents. It is essential to clean out the vents and ensure the air ducts are not becoming a central point of concern for pest infestation. If you are dealing with this issue, it’s essential to call a qualified air duct cleaning company as soon as possible. This is the root cause of the problem and must be fixed before looking at pest control. If you refuse to clean your air ducts, you will have this issue arise again down the road. It’s better to nip the problem in the bud by getting the air ducts cleaned on your property.

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