Air Duct Cleaning for Easy Breathing

While many environmental factors can make asthma sufferers worse, having air ducts that are dirty can also be the cause to many upper respiratory illnesses. Dirty air ducts typically encompass dirty filters, clogged or poor ventilation and much time in between cleanings. If you are experiencing or noticing heightened asthma symptoms, and you know you haven’t had your home’s ducts maintenance in some time, it is a smart decision to call a local and trusted professional to take a look.

Why Dirty Ducts Are a Threat to Your Respiratory Health

  1. When a home’s ductwork becomes dirty, the air that passes through the vents, which is spread directly into your home is full of pollutants, dust and unhealthy particles. If the filter is dirty as well, the air that recirculates and that is being sucked into the vent, will also be redistributed through your home, landing directly onto surfaces and into you and your family’s lungs.
  1. When dust, dirt and possible dander (if you have a pet) settles into your home, this not only creates an unhealthy environment, but will build up over time and make the air in your home become unbreathable. Even if you regularly clean and dust your home, the dirty, poorly filtered air will eventually cause problems and will not allow for a healthy upper respiratory system.

Other Threats to Your Breathing Hiding in Your Home

Besides dirty air ducts, the home you live in is most likely is filled with items that create toxic air and produce chemicals. It is common in every room of your home and can be coming from your appliances, cleaning products, aerosols, furniture, pet dander, fragrances, smoke, etc. Occasional exposure to these items is not the biggest threat of them all, what really matters is making sure the air you are breathing in, is filtered and circulated properly. Because the items listed above are also threats, it is important that your home’s ductwork is cleaning the air these items are held in. If for some reason your air ducts are not doing its job, these items can become even more of a risk than they already have. Make sure to have your AC, ducts, dryer and vents serviced regularly to ensure a safe home. Here at ABC cleaning, we can help purify your home’s air which will help you breathe easy and stay healthy.

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