What Can Happen if Your Ducts Stay Dirty 

Most people know that a clogged filter puts strain on your HVAC system, which can lead to a breakdown and other system issues. But did you know that most filters only catch about 10% of airborne pollutants?

Over time air ducts in your house will become the resting place for all kinds of debris. Dust in the air will find its way into the ventilation system and settle into areas of the duct work that are accessible. Pet hair from inside or outside of your house also finds its way in and camps out with the dust. 

On a windy day any manner of articles can be floating in the air which easily ends up in your system without your knowledge. All of this debris will continue to build over the days and years until you start to notice your family seems to be suffering more and more from allergies. You may also notice less air flow from your air conditioner and an associated increase in the utility bill. It goes without saying if you have a collection of unwanted items in your air duct it is just a matter of time before it affects those in the house.

Your health is not the only thing at risk when the ventilation system is filled with this debris. The risk of fire increases as the amount of debris increases. Any airborne article like small pieces of paper, twigs, sawdust, and other flammable items can be ignited with a minimal amount of spark. 

Air duct cleaning only makes sense. A clean air duct allows your air conditioning unit to work more efficiently. Bob Baker and Ross Montgomery of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, have found that dirty coils can cut energy efficiency 40%. Coils are cleaned with the rest of your ventilation system and many people notice a drop in their utility bill immediately after a cleaning. Air duct cleaning has helped reduce allergy episodes in some families and asthma sufferers notice the difference. However, if you take away the increase in health benefits and energy efficiency, cleaning your air ducts are a great way to reduce the fire risk in your home.

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